Adam Pellegrino

Adam is an Emmy Award winning producer, cinematographer and editor based out of Denver, CO.  Adam's career began in sports production, interning and PA'ing as an undergrad at Penn State and with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and then as a producer with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he eventually became the Senior Producer of Broadcast & Media.  In his time with the Chiefs, Adam's work included pre-production, writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and design for the teams' TV programs, digital and social content, including documentary series, live preseason telecasts, magazine-style programs and live-to-tape postgame shows.

In 2017, Adam moved to Denver for an opportunity to work as a producer for Four Winds Interactive and build an in-house video production department as a part of the full-service creative team within the digital signage company. 


(717) 891-3120